Gay Coffee

Gay CoffeeI’ve noticed coffee shops taking a lot of flack in regard to their relative positions on homosexuality lately. Coffee Club has been attacked by the Australian Christian Lobby because they advertise on a show that has reciently come out in favour of marriage equality. On the other team, Gloria Jeans has been getting a bit of heat for their support of Christian Fundamentalist groups, including Hillsong‘s ‘ex-gay therapies’ and our very own Australian Christian Lobby.

Hang on. Did I just say that Glo Jo sponsers ACL who are then attacking Coffee Club for their decision to buy advertising time on a gay friendly breakfast show? Yes I did. Thanks, glad I cleared that up.

Are Christians even watching Sunrise? Doesn’t Hillsong (another beneficiary of Glo Jo’s) have a show in in the same timeslot? Maybe it is a little bit earlier and on a different network. Sunday morning television isn’t really something I tend to pontificate over as a general rule. It is outside of my perview of weekly experence… until it starts trending online that is.

So why this battle of the overpriced coffee giants and their respective religious followings all of a sudden? Are church groups suddenly planning a boycott of the Coffee Club for their after church social events? Will Gloria Jean’s cease to be the place for sipping orange mochafrappachinos and being fabulous?

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